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Realistic sex dolls from the YL Doll workshop are among the world's best. The perfection of these dolls are made of the highest quality TPE material and makes them not only for exciting sex games, but also as models, movie props or mannequins in luxury stores. Their skin is soft and tactile and they act in the same way as humans, their flexibility is provided by a stainless steel articulated frame, thanks to which you can adjust them to any position.

With many customizable options - including body heating, leg type, vagina shape and more, you can create your dream Real Sex Doll exactly to measure. Manufacturers of realistic sex dolls YL Doll, OR DOLL and WM Doll offer the same type of heads that are fully compatible within these three brands.

You now get a second head for every sex doll for free. Don't miss this event, which is valid until the end of September, and order your real sex doll. Write selected items for free in the 3rd step of the basket as a note for us. The offer is valid for sex dolls over 140 cm.