How to recognize a Sex Doll fake

The popularity and sales of silicone and TPE Sex Dolls is growing rapidly. This also means a large number of fakes on the online market. When buying a doll, be careful not to be cheated

  • Check the web trustworthiness
  • Take notice of case of unusually cheap price
  • Check the contacts listed 
  • Make sure your doll has a detailed description 
  • Find out if the chosen seller offers different features and configurations for the product than the manufacturer and most other retailers 
  • Verify the security of payment methods
  • Read reviews and customer experience

Fraud sellers attract customers by significantly lower product prices. So if you come across a doll that cost 30,000 but most web sites offer her for 50,000, it will almost certainly be a low-quality counterfeit.

Another factor highlighting counterfeit is weight. The aim of the producers is to produce dolls that can be handled easily. So if a doll has 10 or 15 kilos more than a manufacturer and most sellers offer, it will most likely be a fraud

You will not recognize a fake according to its photo (all use the same manufacturer), so check price, product description, meaningful information, user reviews and recommendations.

Be careful about forms of payment. PayPal and credit card payments are considered the safest..