How to recognize fake Sex Dolls

The popularity and sales of silicone and TPE Sex Dolls are growing rapidly. This also means a large number of fakes on the online market.

What to look for when buying a doll to avoid fakes:

  • Unusually low prices
  • Note whether the dealer states the manufacturer
  • Check if the chosen provider offers the same features and configurations for the product as most other retailers
  • Read reviews and customer experiences


There are 2 certain ways to recognize a fake:

1) The significantly low cost of the doll. If the price of the doll you want is much cheaper than it is from other providers. It is most likely a fake. A life-size real sex doll for example which costs $2,000.00, may be found as a fake for $1,200.00.

2) If the seller does not mention the manufacturer then most likely it is a fake.

If a product shows a low price together with an unlisted manufacturer, then it has a very high chance of being fake. Please be careful.

  • Fake dolls can be medically untested.
  • You will probably receive something different from the picture advertised.
  • The general quality of the doll will be substandard

You will not recognize a fake product by the photo (all sellers use the same manufacturer’s photos). Make sure you check the price, manufacturer, product description and customer feedbacks.

Here we have some sex doll factory photos.

So shop safely and vigilantly and if you are uncertain of anything feel free to contact us.