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About the Naughty Harbor studio

Naughty Harbor is the first silicone sex doll studio in the Czech Republic. To men, women or couples, it enables to have an unconventional sexual experience with no boundaries, without feeling nervous, having no worries about cheating on your partner.

The experience is, of course, discreet.

Naughty Harbor is in the very centre of Prague.

In order to achieve absolute discretion, the Naughty Harbor studio is not marked in any way. Detailed information about location is provided few hours before the visit.

Contact us:

phone: 721 634 362
e-mail: info@naughtyharbor.cz

Opening hours:

Monday 9:00–22:00
Tuesday 9:00–22:00
Wednesday 9:00–22:00
Thursday 9:00–22:00
Friday 9:00–22:00
Saturday 9:00–22:00
Sunday 9:00–22:00

The room:

In a hygienically clean room, there is always everything you need including condoms and new package of lube.


Be a part of the sexual revolution in the Czech Republic. Run your own real doll studio - více informací.

Exceptionally real sex dolls

High-quality silicone = firm and pleasing body

Fantasies with no boundaries

The doll is here for you and your fantasies

A Unique experience

Try out our sex dolls in the very first studio in the Czech Republic

100% safe and discreet

What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors