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Free video with Sex Dolls

Video tips for proper hygiene, repair and care of Sex Dolls

Watch free videos describing proper hygiene for your Sex Doll. We advise on how to take care of her. Thanks to our video manual, you can even repair minor damage.

How to apply fingernails, or a simple manicure for Sex Dolls.

How to clean the vagina and not damage the skin.

How to unbox your Sex Doll, correctly and safely.



Sex Dolls presentation videos

Welcome to the world of perfect silicone dolls. Their mission is your pleasure. It's up to you which videos you choose.

Meet Amanda, the sexy blonde Sex Doll by Climax Doll.

Professional companion to fulfill all your erotic desires. This is a silicone doll made by Irontech Doll.

This erotic, dark-haired Sex Doll by Irontech Doll is looking for her master.


At first glance, an innocent Sex Doll by Piper Doll, but there is passion in her body.

Meet the tender blonde by Piper Doll. This Sex Doll will fulfill your erotic desires.



About us
  • We are a new and ambitious brand that fortells the future of sex
  • We help men, women and couples to fulfill their sex life, as well as realize their erotic desiresand fantasies.
  • We believe that sex with a robot is not sci-fi and we want to arrange it for you.
  • Our mission is to break the societal taboo of sexuality as a primary human instinct and right.
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