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Finished orders for customers

We process dozens of your orders every month. We check all of them individually before sending them to the customer and send only those that are in perfect order.


Every Sex Doll from Naughty Harbor is always 100% original 

We offer and sell only proven brands and manufacturers. We are a certified dealer (see certificates below). We know that there are many low-quality goods on the sex doll market. Therefore, you will find instructions on how to avoid counterfeits in our advisor section.

See how sex dolls look right after production. Note that in the photos from the factory, there may be sex dolls with different customizations (wig, eye color, skin color). Because they do not have clothes, are not made up and are illuminated with a different light, some of them may look partially different than in the promo photos.



Examples of certificates:




Free Sex Dolls videos

Video tips for proper hygiene, repair and care of Sex Dolls

Watch free videos describing proper hygiene for your Sex Doll. We advise on how to take care of it. Thanks to our video manual, you can even repair minor damage.

How to apply fingernails, or a simple manicure for Sex Dolls.

How to clean the Sex Doll vagina and not damage the skin.


Sex Doll presentation videos

Welcome to the world of perfect silicone dolls. Their mission is your pleasure.

Meet Ashley, the sexy Redhead Sex Doll by Climax Doll.

Professional companion to fulfil all your erotic desires. This is a silicone doll made by Irontech Doll.

This erotic, dark-haired Sex Doll by Irontech Doll is looking for her master.


At first glance, an innocent Sex Dollby Piper Doll, but she is wild underneath.

Meet the tender blonde by Piper Doll. This Sex Doll will fulfil all your erotic desires.



About us
  • We are an ambitious company predicting and adapting to the world of sex-wellness..
  • We help people to fulfil their sex life, as well as help them realize their erotic desires and fantasies.
  • We want to make sex with robots realistic accesable.
  • Our mission is to break the sexual taboos of today's society
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