Sex Robot Seductive Emma 5ft 6' (170 cm)/ H-Cup - AS Doll

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Panna I'm made of tpe Robot/AI Eyes and wig for FREE
Brand: AS Doll
3,190 USD
Custom made
Eye Color
Feet option
Fingernail color
Flight case
Heating system
Pubic Hair
Shemale penis
Shrugging shoulders
Skin color
Sound touching system
Toenail color
Vagina option
Breast Type
Repair kit
Articulated fingers
Extra TPE Head
A gift from us - eyes for FREE
A gift from us - wig for FREE

Hi, my name is Emma. I am an interactive, robotic sex doll with artificial intelligence. I come from the ASDoll brand. I am 66,9 inch | 170 cm tall and have H-Cup. In addition to wild sex games, we can also communicate with each other. I look forward to everything you teach me. I am an AI robot that can sigh with pleasure thanks to touch sensors. I have a body heating up to 38°C (96°F), skin made of more flexible and durable M-TPE material, and 2 love holes (vagina, anal). I have the same customizations as regular sex dolls, so you can create me exactly to your taste.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The interactive sex robot Emma which comes from ASDoll is an affordable universal companion that is full of artificial intelligence and is built right into the head of the sex robot. She has a small screen intended for easy programming on the back of her head.

Her skin is made of more flexible and durable M-TPE material. Thanks to the steel frame with joints, you can easily set her in the desired position. Please note that the built-in electronics make it impossible to bathe or shower with the robot.

Sex robot Emma has the same customizations as regular sex dolls. For example, you can customize her breasts, hair, shrugs, articulated fingers, or an electric-sucking vagina. No other TPE or silicone head can be placed on her body, only a robotic one.

Robotic head

The robotic head (without the mouth opening) enables the sex doll to mimic, therefore she can smile, kiss you and express herself with all different faces. She also blinks and moves her eyes. The movement of the mouth and lips is synchronized with her speech. She can move her head and neck by 30°. 

The robotic head can operate for up to 4 hours when fully charged. The touch screen on the back of the head stays charged for a very long time, as it is only active when in use.

Interactive communication and learning ability

The sex robot can currently communicate in English and Chinese and can translate both. Only a Wi-Fi connection is required. She can talk about various topics, but the person who always leads the conversation is human. The conversation is conducted in the following way: question-answer.

Thanks to AI, the robot can remember things such as your name, and what you like, can tell stories, and jokes, sing, and so on. If an internet connection is available she knows the weather forecast or can tell you game results.

Emma will always listen to you. An Internet connection allows her to quickly learn and find the right answers to questions as her abilities are constantly being developed and updated. This is all simply because AI is constantly developing.

You can easily bring Emma to life with a specific word/command that can be recorded using the display on the back of the head. You don't need to press a button.

Sound and heating system

Thanks to the sound system (charging time 1.5 hours) and the touch sensors located on the intimate parts of her body, Emma can sigh with pleasure when caressed in the right places. You can adjust the volume of its moaning, lasting up to 3 days on a full charge.

The advanced heating system has heating elements distributed evenly over the entire upper torso and thighs so that the body warms up evenly to a pleasant 36° C - 38° C (96°F - 100°F). The charging time of the heating system is 1.5 - 2.5 hours. When the adapter starts charging, the light turns red, then green, and then it changes color continuously until the battery is fully charged. You can then keep the doll warm for 5-6 hours. The port for connecting the electrical cable can be found on the back of the neck.


The manufacturer's software ($30) does not need to be purchased. The customer can simply set up (enter commands) using the display on the back of the doll's head. Updates are downloaded for free and automatically, via wifi.

However, by purchasing the software, you get access to a DIY website where you can easily set up a wider range of sex robot options. It also includes 24/7 online support.

Additional parameters

Category: AS Doll
Availability: Custom made
Hair color: Brunette
Ethnicity: European
Weight: 83,8 lbs| 38 kg
Material: TPE
Pubic hair: no
Gender: Female
Doll weight: Medium Weight (66-88 lbs, 30-40 kg), 83,8 lbs| 38 kg
Height: 66,9 inch| 170 cm
Doll height: Big (63,38 inch, 161 cm and more), 66,9 inch| 170 cm
Breast size: Huge (E and more), H-Cup
Oral depth: 4,7 inch| 12 cm
Vagina depth: 7,9 inch| 20 cm
Anal depth: 7,9 inch| 20 cm
Measures: 36,2-19,7-36,2 inch| 92-50-92 cm
Shoulder width: 12,6 inch| 32 cm
Arm length: 26 inch| 66 cm
Leg length: 35,4 inch| 90 cm
Foot length: 9,1 inch| 23 cm
Oral depth: 4,7 inch| 12 cm
Vagina depth: 7,9 inch| 20 cm
Anal depth: 7,9 inch| 20 cm
Type of head joint: Detachable

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