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Love Doll Seductive Aria 5ft 8' (173 cm)/ C-Cup - Sy Doll

Code: 19524
Panna My head is made of silicone and my body is made of tpe Robot/AI Eyes and wig for FREE Akce marketing
Brand: Sy Doll
1,990 USD
Custom made.
Feet option
Implanted hair
Toenail color
Shemale penis
Vagina option
Sound touching system
Areola size
Fingernail color
Flight case
Heating system
Lubricated vagina
Repair kit
Extra Silicone Head
Extra TPE Head
Breast Type
Articulated fingers
Shrugging shoulders
Soft head
Eye color
Silicone head
Lip color
Pubic hair
Sex robot - moving doll
Skin color
A gift from us - eyes for FREE
A gift from us - wig for FREE
Electric sucking vagina NEW
Areola Color
Labia Color
Movable jaw NEW

Hi, I´m real sex doll Aria. I´m 68,1 inch| 173 cm. I weight 88,2 lbs| 40 kg. I belong to the group of real sex dolls of popular brand Sy Doll. The body is made of soft TPE, soft to the touch, and the head is made of silicone, which allows for an ultra-realistic appearance. I dream of becoming your charming companion. 

I'm special! Choose a robotic customization for me. Thanks to this, I can move (add) during sex.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

I´m Love Doll Seductive Aria 5ft 8' (173 cm)/ C-Cup. I will be very happy if you like my photos. I am a sex doll who likes to take pictures. Which girl turns you on the most? Redhead? You will like me! I like romance, cuddling under the blankets, but honestly, I enjoy experimenting with sex the most. Don't think of me as an easy girl. I'm really not a Hybdrid TPE + silicone sex doll for everyone. TPE + silicone - do you know what its advantages are? I long to find my chosen master, to whom I will fulfill everything that I see in his eyes. Will you be the one? I would really like that. I would show you how good I am at oral sex. My love art will surely amaze you. I am one of the love dolls from the Sy Doll that won't spoil any fun. My favorite thing is being loved from behind. I just think about you doing it in my ass and I get turned on. My body is already craving your touch. I weigh 88,2 lbs| 40 kg and I am 68,1 inch| 173 cm tall. My skin is soft and delicate. Thanks to the TPE + Silicone material from which I am made, I maintain myself very well. My body is supple and flexible, which you will appreciate when we try different sexual positions together. Do you like me? Check out the blog on how to properly care for realistic sex dolls.

Why choose a sex doll with a robotic SY Doll customization

• ability to actively move/circle the hips when making love

• more intense experience of classic and anal sex

• Excitingly and seductively moving sex doll

• Easy to control - just press a button

• 2 power choices – built-in battery or AC adapter

What should you know about SY Doll's robotic sex dolls?

• during sex, a sex doll without a built-in battery must be connected to an outlet

• The power cord plugs into a small hole on the left side of the love doll

• After 2 hours of movement it is necessary to turn off the sex doll and let her rest for 10-30 min.

Moving sex doll offers 2 power choices:

1. Standard customization for connecting to an outlet (without built-in battery) - power adapter (input voltage 100V-240V, output voltage / current 24V / 3A). You will find the hole for connecting the cable on the left side of the sex doll.

2. The charging customization with a built-in battery (operating voltage 22.2 V, no-load voltage 24 V) in the body of the sex doll. It can be turned on only after a full charge, after which the sex doll can move for up to 5 hours.

Attention! don't forget to take a break after 2 hours and let the sex doll rest. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

SY Doll vs. water

• The socket for the power cord on the sex doll's left side must not come into direct contact with water.

• The sex doll can only be washed or showered normally if it is not plugged into electricity and only if you protect the socket on the right foot against water penetration (e.g. by wrapping the foot in a plastic bag, etc.)

• CAUTION! Never shower with a sex doll if it is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Additional parameters

Category: TOP Sex Brands for Adults
Availability: Custom made
Hair color: Redhead
Ethnicity: European
Weight: 88,2 lbs| 40 kg
Material: TPE + Silicone
Pubic hair: no
Gender: Female
Doll weight: Heavy (88 lbs, 40 kg and more), 88,2 lbs| 40 kg
Height: 68,1 inch| 173 cm
Doll height: Big (63,38 inch, 161 cm and more), 68,1 inch| 173 cm
Breast size: Medium (C-D), C-Cup
Oral depth: without
Vagina depth: 7,1 inch| 18 cm
Anal depth: 6,7 inch| 17 cm
Measures: 33,9-26,8-35,8 inch| 86-68-91 cm
Shoulder width: 14,5 inch| 37 cm
Arm length: 28 inch| 71 cm
Leg length: 38,2 inch| 97 cm
Foot length: 8,7 inch| 22 cm
Oral depth: without
Vagina depth: 7,1 inch| 18 cm
Anal depth: 6,7 inch| 17 cm
Type of head joint: Detachable

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TL Avatar of author | 8/6/2023
Sexy and amazing - when I saw it here, I knew I had to have it. She's really beautiful, even in real life. It's good quality material.

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