Silicone or TPE Sex Doll?

At first, only silicone was used for making Sex Dolls. Today's modern technologies have made it possible to manufacture the more affordable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). What are the differences between these materials? What are the pros and cons and what should we consider when choosing a material for a Sex Doll ?


Silicone material


  • Higher resistance to heat, water and stains
  • It is less porous and adhesive than TPE
  • It is more durable and less prone to damage
  • It is easier to repair and clean
  • Odorless


  • Higher price
  • Firmer and less elastic than TPE


TPE material


  • Is elastic, flexible and soft
  • Has high material memory (doll is easier to position)
  • More affordable than silicone


  • Baby powder should be used to make the skin smooth
  • It has lower temperature and less stain resistance
  • New TPE doll "smells" slightly of plastic (the smell soon fades)


S-TPE Material 

A new type of TPE material called S-TPE is more flexible, offers more realistic skin detail and is more tear resistant. It has properties similar to silicone but retains the softness and smoothness of TPE. 

  • The flexibility and softness of the vagina is enhanced with S-TPE. 
  • Also, the durability is 8 times higher than the classic TPE material.
  • The S-TPE material variant is free of charge.
  • The production time of the sex doll made of S-TPE material is one week longer.
  • In the case of the S-TPE material option, there are only three skin colours to choose from: natural, light tan and tan.


Before buying a doll, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I only use it for sex?
  • Do I want to dress it in different outfits?
  • Is appearance or touch more important to me?
  • Do I want it to last a long time ?
  • Is a higher price OK for me?

One cannot clearly say what material is better or worse. They have different characteristics and it depends on the purpose of your doll. In general, dolls made of TPE are more accessible and more commonly available (mainly due to the very pleasant skin). 

We from Naughty Harbor can highly recommend the TPE doll according to our practical and long-term experiences.

More information about materials can be found on our sex doll blog.