Game Lady Doll

The Game Lady Doll brand produces TOP realistic silicone sex dolls whose appearance is inspired by heroines from popular video games, cosplay, and anime. So for example, the company has a sex doll with the appearance and name of Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Ada Wong (Resident Evil,) or Tifa (Final Fantasy). The appearance of each sex doll corresponds exactly 1:1 to the female character. The structure of the skin is very well developed in terms of details and color. All Game Lady Doll erotic dolls are created from silicone.

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In the basic version, they have luxurious gel breasts, realistic makeup/veins, implanted eyebrows and eyelashes, double knee joints, movable eyes, and customization that allows them to shrug their shoulders more toward the head. Sex dolls with a height of 130 – 172 cm (4ft 3’– 5ft 8’) also come with articulated fingers. 

Most of the love dolls by Game Lady Doll do not have an opening for oral sex. This is indicated in the specific product's detail. If you want to keep the oral option, you can choose the soft head customization. It's free, but it doesn't allow for implanted hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. This brand also includes a sex doll with a flexible jaw, thanks to which its mouth can be adjusted manually (close/open).