Game Lady Doll

The Game Lady Doll brand produces real sex dolls made of silicone, whose look has been inspired by heroines from popular video games, cosplay and anime. Here you will find sex dolls who resemble the look and character of Game Lady Doll Tifa (Final Fantasy), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) or Ada Wong (Resident Evil). The appearance of each sex doll is identical; 1:1 to the female character. The highest attention to detail has been paid to capture the exact skin color and texture.

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All Game Lady Dolls are silicone. In the base version they come with luxurious gel breasts, which have a lifelike realistic touch and feel thanks to the gel filling. They also have realistic and fashionable facial features such as stylish make-up, implanted eyebrows and eyelashes, double knee joints that allow the sex doll to bend her legs at the knees more than 90 degrees and kneel stably. 

Also movable eyes and shrugging shoulders customization that allows them to lift  their shoulders more towards their head. Sex dolls with a height of 51,2 - 66,9 inch | 130 - 172 cm also come with articulated fingers, which allows you to articulate their fingers where the knuckles would normally be – like real human fingers.

Except for a few, Game Lady Dolls do not have an opening for oral sex - this is specifically stated in the product details. If you can’t live without the option of oral, you can choose the free soft head customization. This head is made of a softer type of silicone that makes pleasurable oral sex possible, however, the ability to choose implanted hair, eyelashes and eyebrow is not available with the soft head customization. 

Although, with the soft head customization, you get a sex doll with a movable jaw, an adjustable mouth that can be manually adjusted (closed/opened). And of course, a sexy stylish outfit can be purchased for the selected doll in the customizer.