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Hygiene and sanitary care of real dolls

Hygiene and sanitation are the foundation of Naughty Harbor. The sex dolls are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before any visit.

This is our procedure that has been proven useful

Cleaning the cavities of the sex doll

By using an enema, we wash out all cavities using water and disinfection fluid. This process is repeated until reaching complete hygienic cleanness.

Cleaning the surface of the sex doll

The same process is applied with the surface – the real sex doll is thoroughly washed by water and disinfection fluid multiple times. These actions are essential and therefore done with absolute thoroughness.


The real sex doll is dried by hand and left aside for complete drying.


By powdering, the silicone gains even more real-like structure in terms of both sight and touch. The powder also contains disinfection ingredients and helps us reach a 100% hygienic cleanness.


Scent deepens the intensity of the experience. The real sex doll is therefore always lightly scented by high-quality perfume.


Almost done, all we need is stylish clothes.

TIP: the doll can be dressed in a premium outfit as a secretary, schoolgirl or in a fitness outfit..


And we are done. The doll is thoroughly disinfected, 100% clean and ready for your fantasies.

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A Unique experience

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