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Custom Sex Dolls

There are many possible modifications of TPE and silicone Sex Dolls, so-called customizations. Each manufacturer offers slightly different options. See a list of the most common possibilities.

Sex and material

Primarily you should decide whether to buy a female or a male Sex Doll. Bisexual dolls are also available.

The second step is material choice. There are two options - TPE or silicone. Their positives, negatives and properties are described HERE in detail.


Dolls are made in different heights and weights. Depending on the height, they can be divided into small (60-130 cm), medium (130-150 cm) and high (150-180 cm). The most common weight is between 30-40 kilograms.

Body type

  • Skinny, chubby, maxi boobs, maxi butt, pregnant etc.
  • Doll impossible to stand or standing
  • fixed or adjustable arms (shoulder joints)
  • Skin color (white, light, natural, tan, brown, black)
  • Breast size and shape


  • Fixed - maximum realistic appearance, the cavity is structured for a perfect sex experience and is firmly attached to the body (there is no risk of slipping the liner), for regular cleaning it is necessary to handle the whole doll.
  • Removable - provides the same realistic sex experience as the fixed one. When cleaning, simply remove and wash it by hand. Its advantage is easy replacement in case of damage. You can also have multiple plugins with different properties. It is easier to clean. The vagina must be powdered or lubricated before inserting into the body.
  • Diameter of vagina (most often 2-3 cm)
  • Pubic hair ( shaved, natural, special shape)
  • Color of vagina
  • Shape of vagina
  • Shape of labia
  • Removable penis


There are many heads variants (head shape, face shape). You can also buy it separately.

  • Wig (length, cut, hair color)
  • Eye color (blue, green, brown, black, blue, red, ...)
  • Winking eyes
  • Static or moving eyes
  • Eyebrows painted or realistic 
  • Luxurious variant of the head with sewn hair
  • Color and shape of lips (natural x glossy)
  • Elven ears (pointed)
  • Tongue

Other customization options

  • Shape, length and color of nails 
  • Color, size and shape of nipples 
  • Penis size
  • Penis type (soft x hard)
  • Tattoo
  • Tanned a la bikini
  • Breast type (solid x hollow)
  • Suits
  • Realistic anus
  • Hinge (on head or back)
  • Transport / storage box
  • Heating - heated dolls are specially designed for even more natural sex. Heating is inserted throughout the whole body, is 220 V and warming up takes about 15 minutes. These dolls can also be equipped with a sound module.
  • Audio (sighing)