Taking care of your Sex Doll

Sex Doll  are not an inexpensive purchase, so they must be properly cared for to prolong their lifespan which can be up to several years. Here’s how to do it:

The basis of care is cleaning

Clean your doll regularly, thoroughly and carefully. It is ideal to clean the doll after every use or contact with body fluids. Clean your doll according to the instructions. Put baby powder on her body to preserve both softness and beauty. Always wash her wig separately.

Skin Cream 

A simple process that we recommend 1-2 times a month. Buy a skin cream (eg Nivea) and spread it over sensitive parts of the doll such as the bendable areas (crotch, elbows, joints). Let the cream absorb for about two hours. Applying the cream prevents cracking of the skin in stressed areas.


TPE: Oil prevents coarse dirt from adhering to your dollꞌs skin. Use plain baby oil and gently apply with a sponge. It is important not to push the skin and be as gentle as possible. Apply oil to one side of the doll and let it soak for 3-6 hours. Then turn it over and repeat the process

Silicone: Clean the silicone sex doll only with soap/gel and a very soft baby sponge and do not press on the silicone to avoid smearing the paint.

Correct treatment

Handle the doll with caution and sensitivity. Avoid making scratches, holes etc. These may need to be repaired immediately with a special TPE adhesive


Do not put dark clothes on a doll as they can create stains, and place her on a soft surface to prevent pressure marks. The ideal method of storage is hanging her on a special hook in a vertical position. Dolls like a dry, cool place without sunlight. Avoid extreme cold, heat or dusty environments.

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