Minor Sex Doll repairs

In most cases you can repair minor damages on your own. Here’s how to do it.

Skin repair

Skin damage in the form of small cracks is easy to repair. Simply hold the crack together using a special TPE solvent. In case of greater damage, such as a piece of silicone coming off, the repair would be far more difficult.

You would need: TPE solvent, a toothpick and a napkin

Clean the damaged area with baby oil using a microfiber cloth. Then clean the crack in the same way. Add a minimum amount of TPE solvent ( TPE adhesive) into  the crack and spread it with a toothpick on the sides. If the adhesive leaks out, try to remove it carefully with a toothpick before it dries. When the adhesive dries the repair is finished.

Attention! The bonding time of the material is 24 hours. During this time, the crack must not be under any pressure. Use TPE adhesives as little as possible!

Nails repair

Nail damage is an easily fixable problem. If a nail drops, follow the same procedure as for the initial installation. Apply a sufficient amount of TPE adhesive and glue it back. Do not rush and allow the adhesive to set well.