Sex Dolls Fingers repair

Sex dolls have flexible and mobile limbs. However, they can sometimes be damaged. Your Sex Doll's fingers are the most vulnerable part of her solid skeleton. They can break if carelessly handled. How to fix them?


You will need 

You will need pliers, scissors, operating knife (scalpel), tweezers, wire goosenecks, glue - TPE solvent, a drill, resin-based adhesive and a vacuum cleaner.

Broken finger repair 

Prepare the above tools and place the doll in a stable position. Using an operating knife, cut the silicone layer to create access for the drill. Drill the resin that holds the neck wire bundle in the housing. Separate or cut individual necks / wires. Be careful not to damage the surrounding silicone and the case itself.

After splitting the necks from the bundle, pull them out of both the fingers and the holster. Vacuum the entire case thoroughly and away from resin. The case at this stage should be completely empty and ready for the insertion of new necks.

Now, all new neck wire - ideally with resin glue - must be installed in the case. Before gluing, however, check the neck‘s position in the individual fingers, so that they are not too long or outside (to puncture silicone), or too short (the finger would not hold)

Ensure that the wires / necks are covered with a thin layer of carpet board or other cloth (eg a bandage) before placing them in the fingers, and apply a small amount of adhesive. As a result, the wires in the silicone finger will not move but will hold firmly in place.

After replacing the neck wire, you must repair the crack in the palm or wrist. TPE glue can be used. The procedure is the same as for skin repair. Simply apply TPE glue over the crack, squeeze together and wait about 30 seconds for the glue to adhere

What to be aware of?

When repairing, do not push anything and do not rush. Do not use too much TPE adhesive, as it burn the material. Always consider whether to entrust the doll repair to an expert